2 sizes available:
25 Cm.(10″) Square
23 x 36 Cm.(9″ x 14.5″) Rectangular

  • Dietella Go can be used on gas and electric burners, modern glass, ceramic and induction stovetops
  • Ergonomic Handle with low heat retention for safe grip – Stainless Steel\
  • Pouring Spouts remove cooking liquids, reducing smoke and odors
  • Ribbed Surface grills perfectly, separating the food from the fat
  • Exclusive Design is soft and harmonious for a designer kitchen
  • Enameled Surface is abrasive resistant and food safe
  • Thermal Indicator lets you know when the grill is ready for healthy, low-fat cooking
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Cast-Iron Grill with Thermal Indicator Lets you know when the ideal temperature is reached for perfect, healthy cooking without added fats. No more guessing with Dietella Go. when the thermal indicator on the
handle changes color from black to red you know the pan is ready for grilling your favorite meat, fish or vegetables.